Mike Andrews






Mike Andrews
Born in 1949

Lived in Tang Hall Lane


I have fond memories cycling from my home in Tang Hall Lane to St George's with my brother Ron.

The headmaster at that time was a portly Brother John. Some of the other teachers were Brother Joseph, Mr Brown and 'Timber' Thompson for woodwork.

British Bulldog in the gym with Mr Sellers.

The annual theatre production put on by Brother Gabriel.

Geography classes with Mr Scott.

The mysterious tunnel under the school which you entered from the bike shed.

Playing football in the school yard using the steps of the gym as goal posts.

The long trek to the playing fields.

Some classmates' names I remember from 1963: Michael Ridsdale, Ian Fletcher, George Scholes, Michael Kelly, David Hall, Philip Steer, Kevin Long, John Varney, Paul Wrigglesworth, Peter Gledhill, Dermot Farrell, Robert Coppinger, Brian Ferry, Ralph Myton, Alan Richardson.

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