Terry Duggan






Terry Duggan
Born in 1941

Lived in Jute Road, Acomb


I was born in 1941 in Drogheda (Ireland), my father was in the RAF, I think this was how we moved to York. We lived in Jute Road, just off Beckfield Lane in Acomb. I came to St Georgeís school in 1952 from English Martyrís school in Blossom Street, next to the Odeon cinema. I travelled to St George's on the bus, getting on at Beckfield Lane getting off at Pavement then running like mad so not to be late.

The subjects I most enjoyed were woodwork, science and sport. I remember making an ironing board in woodwork & taking it home on the bus. In 1954 I came 2nd in maths & 3rd in science, and in 1955 1st in maths & 1st in science (must have been sitting next to a brain box ) - I still donít know how I got these marks.

I remember most of the teachers, Mr Sellers, Mr Thompson, Bro Matthew, George Brown etc. I can remember Mr Sellers coming into the class on a Friday and wanting some boys to help blow up rugby balls & footballs, I was always one of the boys to be picked. Any free lessons would always be in the gym.

Sport was my best love, rugby, boxing, running etc, doing any sport I was very happy. In rugby I was very lucky to captain my school team & played for York Boys, which did most of their training in St Georgeís gym after school. I can remember taking my turn, taking all the rugby shorts & jerseys home on the bus for my mum to wash and get them back for the next weekend game. I was picked for the Yorkshire Schoolboys rugby team to play Cumberland Schoolboys at Clarence Street York and Lancashire at Swinton Ground, both in April 1956. When I was still at St Georgeís I played for Heworth Rugby Club in a number of age groups under 17, 18 and open age.

In boxing I got to the quarter finals of the North of England schools ABA, and I can remember going into the gym after school to train with other boys and teachers. Brother Mathews, Brother Gabriel and Mr Sellers would all come to help.

I loved my time at St Georgeís, and I think the school set me on the right path in my later life.

Terry's Later Life

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