Priory Street Higher Grade School

Last Updated: 25/01/2021

Priory Place Wesleyan Schools

These schools for boys, girls, and infants were opened in 1857 in new school buildings adjacent to Priory Street Chapel. A government building grant was received. In 1870 there was said to be accommodation for about 600 and there was a teacher's residence. The boys' school comprised the former Albion Street School, whose numbers 'greatly increased' after this move. Sixty girls and 40 infants were attending the girls' school in 1858. An annual government grant was received from the beginning. By 1870 318 boys, 128 girls, and 177 infants were enrolled in the school. Fees were 3s, 4s, 5s and 7s 6d a quarter depending on the standard. In addition to the normal curriculum a 'select class' was taught composition, book-keeping, algebra, Euclid, mensuration, land surveying, advanced drawing, and ornamental penmanship. By 1894 the accommodation had been increased to 848 places and the average attendance was 648. In 1897 the school was first described as a higher-grade school. The school had been reorganized before 1932 into two departments; senior mixed with an average attendance of 376 and junior mixed and infants with 115. In 1936 only the senior department was left. The school remained under Methodist management until it was closed in 1948.


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