St Wilfrid's RC Primary School

Last Updated: 11/02/2022

St Wilfrid's Voluntary Primary and Secondary Modern Schools

A Roman Catholic boys' school was established in Ogleforth in 1796. In 1836 there were 85 boys attending. In 1849 it was held in a rented schoolroom on the north side of Ogleforth and was providing temporary accommodation until a new school could be erected. In 1867 there was a school known as St Patrick's at 24 Ogleforth. A Roman Catholic school known as St Patrick's, and probably the same, was held in a large room in the Bedern in 1870; it was described as a temporary provision. The new school, St Wilfrid's, Monkgate, was completed in 1875; there was accommodation for boys, girls, and infants in 3 schoolrooms and 3 classrooms. Fees were 4d, 6d, and 8d for boys, 2d, 3d, and 4d for girls and 2d for infants. The first annual government grant was received in 1876. The average attendance was then 190 and increased to 405 in 1910 when there were two departments, mixed and infants. Before 1932 a senior girls' department was added.  In 1938 there were 159 in this department and 293 in the junior mixed and infants' department. In 1956 there were two schools; 290 children were enrolled in the aided primary school and 220 in the aided secondary modern girls' school.


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