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Several visitors have sent general feedback comments so this page is to present these.

Anne Church (Fake)

I was at St Georges School about 56 years ago!! Pauline Fannon, David Comisky, Roger Wordsworth, Jennifer Jubb (sister of Silvana and David Jubb) Maureen Clark, Lynne Collier, Angela Addyman, Michael Bogan, were a few I recall .............. I can remember more with a push.

We had school plays at the Rialto.

In our last year Mrs Cleasby was our form teacher.

Anne Church (Fake)

I was a friend of the Carrigan family and remember Michael well, he was always telling jokes .............. he even told 'slightly' rude jokes to the Parish Priest.

Michael was a sweet gentle kid - and that is how he remains in my memory.


Anne Church (Fake)

Sister Magdelane was wonderful, so serene and kind - she kept sweets in her pocket with her rosary beads.

Anne Church (Fake)

Teachers - dare I mention Miss Coyle?

......... she was heading my way and I knew I should not have tied a knot in my dish cloth knitting! Adults liked her, but we didn't - she wore her hair in braids around her ears like earphones. Miss Coyle was very memorable.

Joan O'Reilly (Carrigan)

Mrs Benneworth didn't teach me but she did teach my younger brothers and sisters. I came across her at church (St Georges) and found her to be a very pleasant lady. I believe she was awarded a Pope's medal. I once remember being out for a drink in the Masons Arms, a local Fishergate pub, with friends and feeling guilty about participating in the evils of drink, but saw she was quite at ease and chatty and my Catholic guilt melted alongside her pleasant, sociable attitude.

Joan O'Reilly (Carrigan)

Sister Magdalen did not teach me but she taught the younger members of my family, she was very kind, compassionate and a very sweet person. I was pleased to have known her.


Sheila (Wash)

  • Mrs Benneworth coming up behind us in the dinner canteen and shaking us if we hadn't finished our dinner! Terrifying!!
  • Mrs Haddakin pulling teeth out - by tying string to the tooth and classroom door - and slamming it shut!
  • Making the 'First Fridays' early morning mass - and having sandwiches for breakfast back in the assembly room - with tea being poured from that huge tin teapot. Lovely.
  • Being given the job with Julie Clift of being responsible for washing up the teachers' cups and saucers during break time - and getting out of having to go outside in the cold!
  • Swimming lessons at St George's baths....
  • May processions and singing 'May is the Month of Mary...'
  • Listening to the boys in the playground shouting 'all up for US Cavalry.....' and walking around with their arms outstretched, until someone tagged on. When they had enough people tagging on - the 'US Cavalry' game began.
  • Learning to dance 'the Gay Gordons' ! and 'strip the willow' !!
  • Was it 'Singing with Mother'? or something like that - where we listened to a record/or radio and had to sing along - 'Sweet lass of Richmond Hill' springs to mind !!
  • The reading corner - and reading 'Bindy come home' - sad tale about a dog.
  • Eileen Cahill, Julie Clift and Elaine Yoward - my best buddies and still in touch with them now.
  • Having to wear 'Ladybird' dresses - awful !
  • Capaldi's ice cream - on St George's Day ! Valerie Capaldi was in my class.

Joan O'Reilly (Carrigan)

Sad to hear Pat passed away, a marvellous, generous lady reunited with Michael.

Joan O'Reilly (Carrigan)

Remember Miss Coyle later on when in my teens. She lived then in Horseman Ave with her brother Austin who always wore a hat, waistcoat with a watch chain, she with the plaited coils around her ears, very old fashioned. I have to be honest a funny old couple then but never knew them when they were young. I am now a pensioner myself and wonder what people who are now in their teens think of me. I do like hats! But not plaits. If only we know eh!

Annette Thomas (Preece)

Found a lovely picture of my mum and dad on here, and would like to thank you as not got many pic's of them when they were young. Amazing site really brought back some good memories.


Margaret Brosnan & Cath McMahon (Both White)

Re Michael Carrigan

We never saw Michael in 'bad form'. He always had a smile in his eyes and he lit up the whole room with his lovely way. He was mischievous and had a great sense of fun. He was such an important member of the 'gang'.
When he died he had a small scratch on one of his cheeks and he looked so angelic. For us this was our first 'Wake' and experience of someone dying. He was so young and and the impression upon us all left us heartbroken and even as we recall these memories we still feel something of the sense of loss we felt all those years ago.
The White family and the Carrigan family are still in touch and the sense of respect and love we felt for them so many years ago still remains to this day even though the miles between us exist.
Thank you for the example you have always shared with us.
Mag and Cath


Maureen Carlyle (Clark)

This site is fabulous, found myself twice, first holy communion pic and in procession, happy, happy days.

John Yoward

A great site. Saw some old faces that bring back memories of some happy days. Well done for putting this together. Happy to get in touch with anybody from 1970-1978.


Jennifer Lanipekun (Jubb)

Strange to see this site and our names, happy days . . . Mrs Cleasby taught the top class when we sat the 11+ and gave each of us half a crown for passing. It was a fortune!!!

Chris Addyman

What happened to the school opening commemoration stone that was set in the wall in the boys playground of the old primary school? (06/03/2014).


Bill Winters

Re Nigel Lovely

Just 4 boys in my year left St George's to go to 'Archies': Andrew Williamson, Tony Farrell, Nigel & me. Nigel & I would occasionally cycle some of the way home together although on that fatal night I'd stayed behind to play football. He was a really nice guy & from a very nice family. I remember being in church once & not having any change for the collection & his mother slipped me a few coins. (18/03/2014).

Paulette Arnold (Bedingham)

I was at the Juniors from 1964-70. I'm a twin to Pauline. At one time time there were 3 sets of twins & a set of triplets. I remember a photo in the press. The year I left Mrs Benneworth retired. After rehearsing, we sang all the songs from the Sound Of Music. Playing instruments such triangle, glockenspiel & tambourine. Mr Atkin taught us in the last year. He was taken ill & was off for some time. Everyone in the class clubbed together & we bought him a watch as we wouldn't see him again  A few of us went to his house to give him the present & enjoyed an afternoon with him. (27/06/2014).

Christine Cliff (Wash)

Re Irene Douglas (Milburn)

Auntie to Barbara, Christine, Michael, Sheila and the late Veronica Wash. Wonderful inspirational, independent, amazing lady, loved and respected by everyone that knows her. (10/08/2014).

Sharon Lewies (Burns)

I have such very happy memories of my time at St George's. The Sisters really were very warm not only to me but our whole family. We arrived in York from Belfast in the early 70s. We had escaped 'the troubles'. Whatever we needed, be it shoes, a warm jumper or just a hug was provided by the Sisters in a quiet way that was truly wonderful.
I went to St Margaret Clitherow in Sep 1976. I really think without the love, care and support my whole family received from the Sisters, Priests and teaching staff at St George's I would not have had the confidence and belief in myself that I do today.

Kevin Mendham

Re Nigel Lovely

I remember Nigel so well even though it was nearly 50 years ago. Used to talk to my mum about him when we were reminiscing. I was an altar boy at his funeral. I hope this helps his family to know that people still think of Nigel. (28/10/2015).

Chris Addyman

When I was in my first year in 1951 my teacher was an old Sister Magdalen and I vividly remember her telling us of a young lad from our class who had drowned in the Foss during one of the holidays. I cannot remember his name. Does anyone else remember this?

Barry Lister

1963 - 1969
I see some names on here that I remember. I remember Sheila Wash who has also commented on this site and some of her friends (Elaine Yoward, Eileen Cahill and Julie Clift). (11/02/2016)

Ray Walton

I was thinking the other day, my wife, Pat, goes to a keep fit on a Monday run by Anthony Power. He was in our class during the junior time and it brought to my mind his father, Paddy Power, who I think was a teacher at St Peter's school. He used to come to St George's Junior School to help Sister Theresa. He would take us for football in a large car that would fit all the team in. He was such a nice gentleman. I often think about him with his Irish brogue.
Does anyone else remember this fine gentleman? (19/06/2016)


Ruth Bracken (Walker)

I was at St George’s Primary School from 1965 to 1967. I had two older sisters Christine Walker and Denise Walker who were also at the School from about 1962. I remember Christine talking about her friends Elaine Yoward, Julie Cliff and others. Our Granddad was school caretaker there for many years. We all have fond memories of the school, the teachers and our friends there. (24/03/2020)

Tony Dann

I attended the Junior school from 1960 and then progressed to the Seniors, but I was only there for the first two years. I do have a couple of photos from my primary days which I will try and find. I also have an old English and Maths test in the attic somewhere. I always remember being summoned to see Sister Mary when she was head. It was with some concern and trepidation that I went to see her, worrying what I had done. I was ushered in and congratulations ensued on achieving 100% in my English and 99% in my maths! (08/09/2020)


Tom Egan

There was a youth club situated beneath the sacristy which was used long before the eventual move to the old senior school. The entrance to this underground cavern was on the north side of the church which is now a car park. Many of us altar boys made frequent use of this facility especially after evening Benediction. At this time I was an altar boy, attending the primary school, and later at St Michael's College, Leeds. This was an era of years 1939 to 1945 in the time of Canon O'Connel, Fr Moyna and Fr Breen. I was later married at this church by the Canon in 1955 ( a marriage which lasted 59 years). I have very happy memories of St George's church. Very sad when Fr Breen moved to Scarborough. (30/05/2021)

Tom Egan

After all the years that have passed since I was at primary school (1939-1945), I can still remember some of the names although many will have passed away. Vincent Myers, Brian Riddle, Alfie Brooks, Elwin Tenant, David Gell, Peter Malloy, Michael Malloy .Mary Seymore, Margaret Seymore, Jean Maul, David Crossfield etc. Of the teachers, Sister Catherine, Miss Mansfield, Sister Appleyard, Miss Coyle. Miss Nottingham, year 5, was the one who helped me pass my 11+ as it was in those days. In essence this was my best school days ever at St Georges Primary School. (25/06/2021)


Amanda Wright

 I attended this school from 1973-1980 before going on to The Bar Grammar. Also in my year were Mary Atkin, daughter of deputy head, Brian Atkin, Sharon Grima, Carline Stoney, Steven Pugh, Darren Thompson, John Tether, Michael Rose, Rachel England, Karen Messer, Sheila Bulmer, Dean Wharton, Ann Mitchell, Carol Wright, David Mulvey, Davis Caplin, Louise Lovely and Jacqueline Bamber.
I was wondering what happened to teacher, Joseph Dunn, after he left in 1981.


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